What We're About

We pick cherries is a creative recruitment agency that believes in the little things making a big difference. Like us.

The big difference is that we believe in being genuinely creative too, this means that we rely on the kooky little things like instinct, imagination and the odd eureka moment to get stuff happening.

We know that the world has changed and there are far too many choices and not enough time to sort through them. Because of this, we also know that working personally and creatively with a select bunch of like-minded creatives and clients is the way forward, in fact, we’d rather not work at high volumes or scale and give a one size fits all service, we are not keen on the mass market or rounding the edges to appeal to the masses.

We are cherry pickers after all!

Because of this entirely specialist, personalized and bespoke nature, we get a kick out of taking the time to seek out and get it right for our chosen clutch of the boldest and the brightest, the deliciously unique, those wildly gifted and rare ones.

To be carefully selected by us means that there’s something pretty special about you and that there’s likely a fun and fruitful collaboration in your future! We think that’s really exciting.

So whether you are a creative or a planner,
or you are just in need of a very good one...
We cherry pick the juiciest talent and add great jobs.

And to our chosen fabulous few, welcome home.

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Amy Hart
Owner of We Pick Cherries

Personal Profile

Amy was traditionally trained as an Artist & Lecturer with a first class honours degree, post grad lecturers qualification and a Masters from Goldsmiths University of London. Amy has taught and continues to lecture at several universities and colleges at further education, degree & alumni levels.

Amy’s career in recruitment came as a continuation and natural progression of her love of people and creativity, representing creative by living and breathing it, as a firm believer in practicing what she preaches. Amy regularly exhibits her artwork, notably at the Queens Diamond Jubilee Exhibition in 2012 with Art Below (Banksy and New Sensations at Saatchi gallery's regular agency) and global showcase exhibitions in Europe.

As Owner of We Pick Cherries, Amy’s passion for finding the right person for the right role is something that she will not compromise on and tirelessly works to that end. Her clients range from the big global advertising agencies, to helping grow quirky start ups from grass roots upwards.

Amy believes in developing lasting, trusting relationships with her clients and creatives that span years and careers. Amy actively recruits for creative directors, art directors, copywriters, teams, designers and planners!


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Cherries of Wisdom

Because we're a helpful bunch, our very own Amy from we pick cherries has written this free download mini-book for you lovely creatives.

It covers portfolio advice, interviews, body language, thoughts on decisions for freelance vs. permanent, tips for getting paid as creative freelancers and more.

There's also space for your own scribbles and notes at the bottom.

Us cherries believe in businesses giving back to their communities and social responsibility, so even if we can't help you in person, doesn't mean we can't help you in your creative careers with some juicy little bites of cherry wisdom.

And it's free, from us to you.

Please enjoy.

Download book
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Creative Couch

The Creative Couch is about providing an internal consultancy for you and your Creatives. We work closely with you to understand your Agency’s vision and then meet with your key people to work out how best to achieve this. It is surprising how much more talent you may have sitting opposite you before looking to recruit further. It’s fun and aspirational, and we also offer guest speakers from the Arts and Media to provide workshops and presentations to inspire even the top dogs.

What Sue and Amy Offer

  • Creative Department Audit
  • one to one creative clinic for individuals in your team (including emotional mapping)
  • Creative workshops/presentations with guest speakers
  • Free coffee and cherry cakes on the couch.

Prices on Request